GST Advisory Services


The firm specialises in Indirect Taxation. Our team of dedicated Indirect Tax professionals will help you deal effectively with current and potential issues arising in goods and service tax (GST). We assist the clients by advising on the GST implication of various transactions and supplies, and help resolve classification or other disputes and issues with the authorities.

We provide assistance in identifying risk areas and sustainable planning opportunities for indirect taxes throughout the tax life cycle. We suggest workable solution with business centric approach and ability to solve complex issues and deliver strategy and implementation from a business and technical view within the framework of law. We assist in improving the performance and effectiveness of client’s business by examining all the indirect tax aspects of core management and business process for further growth of the business.

Illustrative  services under GST Advisory services are of the following nature:
    •  Advisory services in respect of GST Issues faced by the company
    •  Hand-holding through GST advisory on regular basis
    • Tax and Credit Optimisation
    •  Value added consultancy including limited reviews of activities to indicate possibility of large savings to SME’s by way of credit       
        availment, correct tax payments and availment of admissible exemptions
    •  Analysis on the implications of GST for a specific client/industry and optimal solution to client issue
    •  Cost control and tax planning
    •  Identification of areas so as to maximize ITC Availment
    •  Vetting the agreements contracts in terms of GST optimisation
    •  Advisory w.r.t to Transaction Re-structuring, Process Designing, Classification issues
    •  Regular updates with respect to GST