Refund Processing


Refund can be claimed in Goods and Services Tax (GST) in following cases :
    • Export of Goods or Services (Including Deemed Export)
    • Refund of Unutilized Input Tax Credit
    • Refund from Manufacturing / Generation/ Production – tax free supplies
    • Excess payment due to mistake and inadvertence
    • Finalization of Provisional Assessment
    • Refund for Tax payment on transactions by UN bodies, CSD Canteens, Para-military forces canteens, etc
    • Refund of pre deposit in case of Appeal
    • Refunds on account of Area based Exemptions
Our expert team of professionals aims at providing hassle free and timely refunds to our clients. The Refunds processing services include the following :
    • Analysing the eligibility of Refund claimed
    • Assisting the Client in completion of Documentation requirement
    • Filing of Refunds on the GST Portal including preparation of Utilities
    • Liasioning with Officers for processing of refund.